Pug Dog Print Organic Baby Muslin Swaddle Blanket Size 35" x 35"

  • $67.00

This organic muslin swaddle blanket features unique Pug print so your newborn baby is secure wrapped in blanket with their favourite dog. One layer breathable muslin is soft and cozy without being too warm. 

Large size blanket makes a great swaddle, floor blanket, stroller blanket, burping cloth and as a "lovey."

- High quality Organic muslin (sweet pea gauze) swaddle blanket
- Unique image printed using eco and baby friendly ink
- Blanket measures approximately 35" x 35" (90 x 90cm)
- Organic Cotton GOTS certified
- Print pattern will vary on each garment

PROCESSING TIME: Please allow around 2-3 week for production + shipping. 

We recommend washing these fabrics with phosphate free detergent in cool or warm water using a gentle or delicate machine cycle. Iron on reverse.

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These blankets are not made for babies or toddlers to sleep unsupervised with. Do not leave your baby unsupervised with any blanket. Please consult your paediatrician to determine when your child should start sleeping with items in their crib.